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i~MD medical center


"Awesome Dr. and a great staff. Even with demanding patients Dr. Anwar makes sure he does everything he can to help them. "

"Awesome and cares about his patients. "

"I am new to the DFW area and I have been looking for a good doctors office for about a year not being pleased with many others I have came across. I called to schedule an a new patient appointment. The office personal was friendly, helpful, and assist with all my questions. I asked could they fax me all of my documents I would need to sign before being seen so I could fill the documents out prior before my appointment as I would be on my lunch break and wanted the visit to be thorough but, fast. They faxed me all the documents promptly. The office was very very nice and the staff was attentive and professional as well. I feels as the PA and the nurse that saw me listened and took all the proper notes and properly advised me of my next steps I need to take. :-)  "

"Great doctor. Amazing staff. Highly recommended. "

"It was a wonderful experience and the staff was so nice. "

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